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Picture of students in mentoring groupWomen are paving the way in the workplace! Learn directly from experienced role models who are working in your community and have created an inclusive environment. 

We can help you start a group mentoring program to help girls and boys gain leadership skills, empower each other and engage directly with local leaders.

About the Group Mentoring Format

Students gather for group mentoring sessions led by a teacher champion. Local leaders are invited to share their knowledge and experience and engage in lively discussion with students. With the understanding that progress can only be made if everyone is on board, the content is created for all genders.

The Leadership Mentoring program provides ten lesson plans that can be delivered independently, but all of which complement each other. Therefore, participants can learn the message of a single session. On the other hand, when a group participates in all the sessions, the students will be able to link experiences to build a strong foundation for their empowerment.

The plans are also designed to be delivered to varying group sizes. This flexible delivery model lets you adapt the program to suit your needs and community, and select the topics that are of most interest to the group.

The toolkit provides resources and tools for engaging and inviting participation from local women leaders. You can bring in a volunteer mentor for the series, invite different leaders for different topics or design the format that works for you! Our Mentor and Community Connector can help you recruit and select appropriate mentors for your initiative. If you host a WE FOR SHE NextGen event first, you will develop relationships with the business community that will help you find mentors.

Discussion Topics

The 10 workshop topics are divided into three categories: Speak Up, Step Up, and Act Up. Each topic is relevant to young women who are about to make bold decisions as they approach high school graduation. Contact us to get access to all 10 outlines!

View a Sample Session


The Speak-Up Series

These workshops provide opportunity for students to learn about themselves and find their unique voice. All three sessions provide a solid foundation for education and career decisions.

  • Know Your Strengths. Own Your Strengths.
  • Values: The Things that Matter Most
  • Creating Connections

The Step-Up Series

These workshops highlight the benefits of diversity and inclusion, as well as the challenges in achieving gender equality. Each session encourages students to be vulnerable, take risks and learn from failure.

  • Differences Matter
  • Unconscious Bias: This is Your Brain on Autopilot
  • Gender Equality
  • How to Fail Successfully

The Act-Up Series

These workshops focus on thinking, planning and personal leadership. Practical tools are offered to enable students to take action.

  • The Power of Mentorship
  • Belonging & Bravery
  • Putting Vision Into Action

Included in Your Support Package

Session outlines and discussion points for 10 topics
Meeting guide for teachers and mentors
Support to recruit local mentors
Student recruitment and program evaluation tools

There is no fee or fundraising required to participate in Leadership Mentoring. The mentoring toolkit is offered at no cost to BC schools.

Interested in launching a group at your school?

Contact us to discuss how we can support you.

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