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Together, we can create gender equality for the next generation.

In October 2016, more than 1,500 business leaders and Grade 10-12 young women from around BC came together in Vancouver at WE FOR SHE: Championing the Next Generation. Their focus: how to support women in the workplace and inspire young women to be bold in their careers.

The Business and NextGen Leaders identified that they could affect change by:

  • leveraging the conversation to support young women
  • providing sponsoring and mentorship
  • championing rising stars
  • sharing knowledge with peers
  • asking tough questions; and
  • continuing the discussion

The NextGen Leaders Program is a response to these calls for action. Together we will create an environment of mentorship, empowerment and conversation to promote equal opportunities for women.

Picture of young women in mentoring groupCreating Change

In 2017/18  the Province of BC funded the NextGen Leaders program to provide resources for high schools to develop valuable relationships with local business leaders, implement mentoring programs and host leadership events for young women in grades 10-12.

Learn more about our programs for BC high schools

Program Objectives

Through strong partnerships with WE FOR SHE BC, women’s support organizations and community business leaders, we want to create a meaningful impact for girls in high schools across BC by:

Encouraging young women to become leaders
Helping young women gain confidence by improving their ability to speak up and express their thoughts and opinions
Creating a safe and inclusive environment that fosters positive relationships, healthy discussion and a sense of belonging
Increasing girls’ community connections and network through regular engagement with community and business leaders

Background on the WE FOR SHE Initiative

This program is built on several years of activity, advocacy and action in BC. Learn more about WE FOR SHE BC.

2014 - BC Economic Forum: Women as a Catalyst for Growth

The inaugural forum is launched to create action around increasing the economic impact of women in the province.

2015 - BCEF and Catalyst for Growth Project

The second forum is held to continue the momentum, measure progress and generate further action. The Catalyst for Growth initiative supports 19 projects around the province to advance women as a direct result of the forum.

2016 - WE FOR SHE: Championing the Next Generation

Over 1,500 people attend one of the largest gatherings of women’s organizations, companies, experts, business leaders, advocates and young women in North America.

2017 - WE FOR SHE Kelowna

The Kelowna Secondary School Global Awareness Club hosts the first WE FOR SHE satellite event for 300 Okanagan high school students.

2017 - WE FOR SHE Khalsa School

The Khalsa School in Surrey hosts 350 students in grades 8 to 12 at the first full-day WE FOR SHE NextGen event.

The WE FOR SHE NextGen Leaders Program is a continuation of the initiative with a specific focus on supporting young women with mentors, champions and support. Building on the success of these events, we are making toolkits available around the province and teaming up with organizations that are specialists in school programming and community collaboration.

Pictures of the 2016 WE FOR SHE Event

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Let’s work together to grow high school girls into BC’s women leaders.

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